Who we are

The SABP is a non-profit association created by the players, for the players of the masculine and feminine national leagues.


Its mission is to inform the players of their rights and obligations, to defend their interests, and to represent them with one voice in front of the actors of the basketball world.


Its committee is composed of the players Brian Savoy (president), Steve Louissaint, Marin Bavcevic, Besserat Temelso (secretary) and Philippe Sebbak (treasury).

What we do

I.  To inform


The SABP organises team visits in order to inform the players of their rights and obligations, to hear them out and to present the work and the projects of the association.


 It will keep its members informed on a regular basis, via email or other, of all the news that might interest them.


2. To defend


The SABP offers legal assistance to its members in order to defend their employee rights.


This assistance covers contractual issues (salary payments, third party payment of bills, benefits in kind, etc.), social and accident insurance or work permit issues.

3. To represent


The SABP represents the players with one voice in any communication with members of Swiss Basketball.


The association keeps an ongoing dialogue with different members of Swiss Basketball and negotiates with them in order to guarantee favorable framework conditions and defend the interests of SABP’s members.


The following players can become members of the association and so benefit of the services of the Swiss Association of Basketball Players:


- LNA and LNB men players

- LNA women players

- Players who played in Switzerland and now play abroad


In order to become a member of the SABP, please fill this attached form. A confirmation of your subscription will be sent to you in the following days.


By joining the SABP, the member confirms to have read and accepted the Statutes of the SABP.


Discounts are offered to our members by the  partners of the SABP


Read the statutes






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